Primary audience

The youth of the schools and colleges will be the main target audience who will take the climate friendly actions that will be collected, assessed, verified and documented. All along gender balance will be maintained.

The main output of the project will be to inculcate a sense of responsibility amongst the youth to take responsible actions and adopt a low carbon emitting lifestyle. 

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Meeting with schools and colleges, short listing and selection of schools/colleges/institutions in the respective states

Designing and development of calculators in for the schools and colleges will be done by CEE

Signing of MoU (Annexure I) between the schools and colleges/GEF SGP partners and CEE

CEEwill be jointly involved in the selection of students for participation in the school/college workshops

CEE Conduct a workshop on low carbon practices and use of cool calculators in respective schools and colleges

Installation of the calculator in the schools, colleges, CEE, GEF SGP partner's offices and CEE offices

Developing a system of regular assessment, documentation, updation, validation and monitoring of data recorded by students of schools/colleges on the low carbon practices

Selecting 10 students from amongst those who attended the workshop out of 100 to attend the workshop to implement the above mentioned system

Once the activities are reported, the results to be collated together at all levels, certified by students and schools/colleges and updated on the website